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El Yunque 

The Native Way

El Yunque The Native Way 

Hiking, River Trekking, Water Jumps,

Water Slides, and Rope Swings. 

Ready to visit El Yunque as local do? Then come, join us and we will visit the less touristy spots and local water fun areas located on what is called the "greenbelt” or buffer zone around El Yunque Rainforest for a more adventurous and authentic experience (Off the Beaten Path). In this action-packed day will we be visiting natural rock waterslides, swim in natural water holes, and jump from rocks. There is a little bit for everyone. If you are adventurous, you will be able to jump from different rock formations, go for the rope swing or if you feel like just relaxing in the riverbank and going for a swim there is that option too.


In the end, we will go to a local beach to have lunch and relax with the sound of the waves.



  • Hiking Level – Moderate to Challenging. Hiking through muddy sections and up and down wet rocks, river trekking. Must know how to swim. As a company policy, every participant must wear a lifejacket while doing all the water activities.

  • When visiting El Yunque Rainforest, good weather conditions are critical, to ensure the safety of the participants and also to be able to visit the different spots in the river. If the weather is not between safe margins, we will either offer a second alternative, re-schedule, or a full refund. Please keep in mind that this is ideal for the adventurous ones and is an off-the-beaten-path tour.

  • El Yunque is the second biggest destination in Puerto Rico, if looking for an area with exclusivity and away from the crowds please check our signature exclusive experiences “Big Waterfall Adventure”, either the Hiking or the Rappelling one.


 What to Expect/Itinerary


  • We will visit the house of an Old Jibarito (countryside people from Puerto Rico – around one-hour drive) from the mountains and get ready for the activities as we enjoy his private paradise in nature. As we explore the area, we can enjoy the breathtaking views of the foothills of El Yunque, hike through is natural volcanic rock formations, get to see small waterfalls, go in natural waterslides, get to jump from rocks, and enjoy a natural swimming hole. The main attractions are natural waterslides and a 30' cliff jump (Disclaimer: waterslides, rope swings, water jumps among other things, are not safe, please be certain and aware of your skill level before partaking in an activity such as this).

  • Once we have enjoyed all the adventurous activities, we will hike down and make our way back to a beautiful big natural pool area where the group will be able to swim, relax or keep enjoying the rope swims.

  • In the end, we will have our lunch break and get to relax at the Luquillo beach before heading back to the hotel. (note: there is a famous food spot that we can also go to for lunch. Is, basically, your typical blue-collar worker, hole wall, local food spot, which is cheap, famous by local and tourist alike and serve tons of food)

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Natural Pool
Natural Pool
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Freshly Cut Tropical Fruits
Freshly Cut Tropical Fruits
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 One of The Best Things To Do in Puerto Rico,

 Prepare for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Please read the following information and share it with your group.  

Feel free to call or email us for inquiries about this adventure.

PLEASE NOTE: This tour is suitable for all physically fit people. Hiking Level Moderate to Challenging with some steep hiking and river trekking sections. Must have at least some basic swimming skills.

Experience Included:

  • Rainforest Hiking, River Trekking, and Climbing Up and Down Boulders

  • Natural Waterslides

  • Natural Spring Pools

  • Water Jumps

  • Rope Swing

  • Freshly Cut Tropical Fruits in the Rainforest

  • Transportation to the Location(Isla Verde and San Juan Hotel Area, and Pre-Selected Meeting Points)

    Fully Train Adventure Guides and Excellent Personalised Service

  • Lifejacket

  • Dry Sack - this item has to be requested beforehand

  • We are going to provide pictures of the Adventure for Free! But is Highly Recommended that Participants bring their camera (We are Not Responsible for Electronics), Minimizing the Risk is our main concern.


What To Bring:

  • Good traction shoes (Water shoes prefer). Examples: Keen, Five Ten, La Sportiva. If you don’t have any of these options Good Sneakers (Nike, Reebok, Asics, Addidas, etc.).  Sandals (like Chaco), Hiking Boots(unless you have good experience hiking with them through rivers), and Brand New Outdoor Shoes(when brand new they don't stick well to the rocknot recommended. 

  • Change of clothes and extra shoes (sandals or flip-flops). Camera, Small Backpack, light rain jacket, and Waterproof Camera (if possible).

  • Water (1.5 liters) and Snacks (energy bar, granola bars, protein bars, etc.).

  • It is recommended you wear a clothing design for this kind of activity. Example: water trunks, long sleeve dry-fit tee, compression cool dry sports tights pants base layer, bathing suit, etc.


Per Person/Taxes and processing fees include 

Experience Cost:

  • $80 per person(Taxes & Fees Included)


  • Excursion Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Depending on availability.

  • Pick up at 7:00 am return at 3:00 pm approximately (subject to the number of participants on the tour, weather, traffic and participants' skill level - the reason for early pick-up, El Yunque is the second biggest destination in PR, trying to avoid the big crowds and also avoid bad weather due to the orographic effect)

  • Gratuities but is Highly Appreciated.

Physical Skill Requirements:

  • Physically Active 

    • Able to hike 1 to 2 miles in a semi to steep terrain and keep a good efficient pace.

    • Able to climb a vertical wall using good holds.

    • Have good Balance and Coordination while hiking, going up or down through slippery rocks.

    • Possess some basic swimming skills 

  • Positive Outdoor Challenge Mentality

    • Able to handle exposure and altitude (follow instructions is a must). Water Jumps, Waterslides, Rope Swing, is Pure Adventurous Commitment.

    • Able to go through muddy sections and have fun while doing it so. Oh Yeah! We Love Mud.

    • Sleep and eat well so you can be sharp for a day of Pure Adventure. (Disclaimer: if for any reason we think you’re not well rested and this could compromise the safety of the tour you might no be allowed to participate in the adventure)

  • Past and Present Medical Condition – Persons that fall into any of the following categories can not take part in the Adventure

    • Extremely Overweight

    • Predispose Cardiac Condition

    • Respiratory Condition

    • Epileptic Seizures

    • Legs Problems

    • Pregnant

    • Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

  • Minimum Age is 8 (follow this criterion: active, outdoorsy, intrepid and nature engaging teens) years

  • We receive a lot of what we call “bucket list” adventurers and we love them, as they are usually the liveliest ones in the group! Nevertheless, most participants around the age of 60 cannot usually keep up with the pace of our tours. This not only dampens the experience of other participants, but it can result in a safety hazard.

  • No alcohol consumption, smoking, use of an illegal drug, or the use of medical marihuana are allowed during the activity.