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Big Waterfall Adventure 
  • At the moment, the Big Waterfall Adventure is available only "on request". Please contact us if interested in doing this adventure, and will do our best to provide this amazing experience. 

Big Tree Forest, Via Ferrata, River Trekking

And Big Waterfall Rappelling

The adventure begins on private property(we are the only ones at the location-exclusive) around “conucos” of oranges, coffee, and plantain. It all starts with a little warm up and interpretation of the beauty of the area as we move into the Big Tree Forest. As we enter the primary forest, we will enjoy the variety of native trees of Puerto Rico, while listening to the songs of the forest birds and the beautiful sound of the river. Soon we will reach the "India Waterfall " and we will climb several waterfalls by going trough several Via Ferratas and different rock climbs. We will go through small pools and waterfalls up to the top of the mountain. Upon reaching the top, we will enjoy the beauty of The Old Sage of The Forrest, a native centenary tree that astonishes with its natural beauty and intrinsic immensity.


Once at the top of the mountain, peace will be transformed into pure adrenaline, and we will get to enjoy an incredible combination of amazing scenic natural beauty, and we are going to descents through multiple waterfalls, Big Waterfall Rappelling. 


The first waterfalls, "Balconies Waterfall" 100 ft. Upon reaching the base, we will get to enjoy a majestic view of the countryside of Puerto Rico and will be heading for our the next challenge, experience going down "The Beard Waterfall" 150ft Rappel!(click to open a link for video) an utterly exhilarating experience!". Once you complete this experience that is completely out of this world and you get to catch your breath and find your inner peace, we will get to the next waterfall, "Romancing In The Stone" 80ft. This waterfall is small but undoubtedly offers a great technical challenge but highly amusing. At the end of all this adrenaline rush, we will walk down the river and jump into a natural pool and will get to relax surrounded by the beauty of the forest. Congratulations, you made it!!!video link


After a full day of adventure, you will get to enjoy a "delicioso" Puerto Rican "Jíbaro" home cooked meal served by a local family, surrounded by the beauty of the countryside PLUS you will get to see from the eating area the Big Waterfall that You!conquer!




Sit Down and Smile
Sit Down and Smile

Chill, Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate, as you enjoy the fantastic view of this Big Waterfall in a unique Rainforest setting in Puerto Rico.

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Big Waterfall Adventure
Big Waterfall Adventure

Best Waterfall Rappelling Adventure in Puerto Rico. 150' Waterfall Rappel!!!!!!

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Rainforest Wonders
Rainforest Wonders

We will be hiking through a primary forest, where a diversity of native trees and a unique tropical habitat can be observed.

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Waterfall and Light
Waterfall and Light

Disconnect from the day to day rush hour stressful fast paced work life and reconnect with something bigger than yourself. Puerto Rico Waterfall Rappelling deep in the mountains.

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Countryside Views
Countryside Views

Taking in the views of Puerto Rico's central mountain range.

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Climbing Upriver
Climbing Upriver

In order to reach the top, we will climb up a via ferrata, securing ourselves to steel cables as we progress.

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The Best Waterfall & Rappelling Adventure

Tour In Puerto Rico


We spent one day on our Puerto Rico vacation on Altura's Waterfall Adventure. It was hands down the best thing that we did on our trip. Hector and Andre were outstanding guides. They were knowledgeable, and despite the "thrill" of the day, we always felt safe. They also do a great job of capturing pictures for you to share with your friends. The adventure included rappelling down three different waterfalls... a once in a lifetime experience. We wrapped up our day with lunch home cooked by a local friend. I HIGHLY recommend doing this!

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Please read the following information and share it with your group.  

Feel free to call or email us for inquiries about this adventure. 


Experience Included:

  • Big Tree Forrest Hike

  • Private and Exclusive Location

  • Via Ferrata

  • River Trekking

  • 3 Rappel (More than 325ft of Rappelling)

    • 100' Balconies Waterfall Rappel (easy)

    • 150' Big Waterfall Rappel(Hard)

    • 75' Romancing in The Stone Waterfall Rappel(Medium-Hard)

  • 3 Natural Spring Pools, maybe more!

  • Jump to a Natural Pool!(optional)

  • Private Reserve 

  • Transportation to the Location (from a Pre-Selected Meeting Point. Please check "Contact/Getting There Page)

  • Fully Train Adventure Guides and Excellent Personalised Service

  • All the Gear Needed for the Adventure

  • Dry Sack - this item have to be requested beforehand

  • Puertorrican Jibaro "Almuerzo" (Lunch) at the end (subject to change - if this happen a secondary option or alternative will be provided)

  • We are going to provide pictures of the Adventure for Free! But is Highly Recommended that Participants bring their camera (We are Not Responsible for Electronics), Minimizing the Risk is our main concern.


What To Bring:

  • Good traction shoes (Water shoes prefer). Examples: Keen, Five Ten, La Sportiva. If you don’t have any of these options Good Sneakers (Nike, Reebok, Asics, Addidas, etc.).  Sandals (like Chaco), Hiking Boots(unless you have good experience hiking with them through rivers) and Brand New Outdoor Shoes(when brand new they don't stick well to the rocknot recommended. 

  • We HIGHLY recommend the use of closed-toe shoes (NO sandals or open-toed shoes). Participants may come into contact with: sharp edges, hazardous plant life, insects bites, animals, heavy rolling objects (rocks, branches, etc.), uneven terrain, slippery surfaces, and other elements from nature that, to the extent of our capability, we can't possibly control. 

  • Change of clothes and a towel. Camera, Small Backpack, light rain jacket, and Waterproof Camera (if possible).

  • Water (1.5 liters) and Snacks (energy bar, granola bars, protein bars, etc.).

  • It is recommended you wear an extra layer under your shirt and pants. Example: long sleeve dry fit tee and compression cool dry sports tights pants base layer.

Experience Cost:

  • $150 per person(Taxes & Fees Included). 


  • At the moment only on request, contact us and we will do our best to provide this experience. Minimum of participants per tour, 4.

  • Pick up at 7:00 am return at 3:00 pm approximately (subject to the number of participants on the tour, weather, traffic, and participants' skill level)

  • Lunch included

  • Gratuities are not included in the price but after a day of hard work, carrying a lot of heavy equipment, managing risk, being a counselor, waiter, psychologist, lots of driving, and ensuring your enjoyment throughout the adventure is Highly Appreciated.


Physical Skill Requirements:

  • Physically active.

    • Have good endurance. Able to hike 2 to 3 miles in a semi to steep terrain and keep a good efficient pace. c.

    • Able to climb a vertical wall using good holds (ladder type climb), Via Ferrata.

    • Have good Balance and Coordination while hiking, going up or down through slippery rocks.

    • Possess some basic swimming skills 

  • Positive Outdoor Challenge Mentality

    • Able to handle exposure and altitude. 150ft Waterfall is Pure Adventurous Commitment.

    • Able to go through muddy sections and have fun while doing it so. Oh Yeah! We Love Mud.

    • Sleep and eat well so you can be sharp for a day of Pure Adventure. (Disclaimer: if by any reason we think you’re a not well rested and this could compromise the safety of the tour you might no be allowed to participate in the adventure)

  • Past and Present Medical Condition – Persons that fall into the any of the following categories can not take part in the Adventure

    • Extremely Overweight

    • Predispose Cardiac Condition

    • Respiratory Condition

    • Epileptic Seizures

    • Legs Problems

    • Pregnant

    • Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

  • Minimum Age is 14 (follow these criteria: active, outdoorsy, intrepid and nature engaging teens) years

  • We receive a lot of what we call “bucket list” adventurers and we love them, as they are usually the liveliest ones in the group! Nevertheless, most participants around the age of 60 cannot usually keep up with the pace of our tours. This not only dampens the experience of other participants, but it can result in a safety hazard.

  • No alcohol consumption, smoking, use of an illegal drug or the use of medical marihuana are allowed during the activity.


Per Person/Taxes and processing fees included

(Regular Price $127.66 +(Taxes and processing Fees)=$150

Please note outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).