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Our Jibaro Adventure Series 

Nature Adventures

If you are guessing what does Jibaro mean? It refers to the outdoor adventurer, of the old-school era in Puerto Rico. The term Jibaro comes from the word Jiba = mountains, hence the person of the mountains, the countryman or woman. These incredible people are the farmers from the mountains of Puerto Rico and have an amazingly deep knowledge of nature. A lot of individuals misinterpret the name with people without education and not intelligent, completely wrong. The Jibaro can leave off the grid, which means they eat straight from the land, get water from the river, at night they use “un jacho” to get their light and sing many “Cantares” with poetic genius rich in fantasy, imagination, and wit. So pretty much they have a fabulous lifestyle nonetheless.

Our adventures take place in the same private reserve, and you will notice that the same path is going to be taken, but the big difference is in the technical adventurer's approach. Our Guabara Adventure is our hardest and more challenging adventure. It demands a more physical, technical and mental level of our participants.


With that said, we at Altura© wanted to provide the same setting and same thrill for those that may not be able to challenge themselves these ways but wanted to enjoy the same natural beauty of this reserve. Don’t fool yourselves our Yagua Adventure is not a walk in the park either it is a Nature Adventure Challenge also. We invite you to read More, Commit and Go for It!......

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